Ever wished you knew what the hottest items were right now with the consumer?You can with Tiyo!
Companies that fail to embrace data demand insights are fighting a losing battle against those that do.
Most fashion businesses are beginning to understand this. The ones which do are quickly bombarding buyers with DATA OVERLOAD!!!

8 out 10 buyers asked agree that data insights become so overwhelming that they quickly feel lost and unproductive.
  • Added stress
  • Increased
    days off work
  • Feeling of unease
Our Technology
At TIYO we have created a technology which keeps things
simple and bottom lines the key information required by brands and
suppliers so that they can quickly and simply focus on the things
which really matter, their product, their customer and their brand.
TIYO can show you instantly
what is selling best in any market
right now!
So you can invest your time & budget into winning products
that will fly like they just drank a can of redbull…